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Complete Pre-Order Form Below 

Turnaround time estimate 2 weeks 


Size B frame with double mat 

The fhole has been changed from the original concept in the following ways - the fhole is now an exact replica of a languedoc fhole. it has a sleeker form, and the bottom curve is not as pronounced. It has been more appropriately angled as well. Look at the fholes on the print itself and you will see it is a better match. But, due to these artistic choices in the design, it does become overall smaller than the original posted frame.

All current orders will be contacted concerning this change, including those already delivered. There had been some references to this f-hole evolution process in the updates but I did not make it as explicit as I could have. The above full shot and close up below are a good representation of the expected shipped product. (This frame is a size B+, meaning it was made a bit larger all around for a wider mat than the noted 1.5 border) 

As the frame is made in different sizes, the placement of the fhole will consistently sit centered on the 1/3 horizontal point. (Utilizing the principle of the rule of thirds.) That keeps it oriented in proportion with the height of the frame. With 2 sizes of print, and differences between matted and unmatted, the alignment relative to landmarks on the print may vary. 

This update to the f-hole was done as a design improvement, however there has been a question raised about this design change. The original picture that the first buyers saw was a different style F-hole. (pictured down below)


A tribute to "Blonde #2," Trey's mainstay guitar since summer 2016. that was the main axe throughout the Beacon Jams. These frames are made with the same woods a luthier would use.


  • Mahogany "body" and sides

  • Figured Maple Top (Traditionally known as Flame/Curly)

  • Faux "binding" with black line inlay, maple edge binding on top 

  • Maple Splines on corners

  • F holes cut deep into body, can see back "wall" of mahogany body.  

PRICE $200 + shipping (frame only) 

optional Acrylite OP-3 museum quality plexiglass - add $40-55

optional matting - depends on size  

I outsource mat cutting to a

professional local shop


Shipping will vary widely by size choice and distance from Pennsylvania - UPS Ground

Shipping will be calculated and added to final invoice (UPS shipping goes by zone, so West coast folks will have higher shipping rates 

No money charged until we confirm an order with an estimated ship date. I do not take money unless I know when the product can be delivered.  


Fill out form to the left. Availability and timeline will depend on status of other current frame production.

Pre order Information

To preorder please complete all information so I can prepare an accurate invoice.  

No money is charged now. 

Below Example is pre-production with the fatter non-langeudoc fholes from generic template
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