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Shipping Information

Why isn't shipping cost on the order form? 

The frames I build are too big to go flat rate across the country. I ship UPS which works on a regional basis. One frame might cost $30 to ship to NJ or CT, but the same box might cost $60 to go to California. Some frames require a larger box which may incur an overage fee from UPS as well. 

The cost seems a bit high

Amazon has spoiled us as consumers into expecting "free shipping." I'm a one man operation without the pull to basically hold the shipping companies hostage for dirt cheap rates. I also have found it necessary to spend a lot more than I expected per frame to pack and ship, so I get the UPS quote and round up to the next $5 increment to help offset materials. I also lost a lot of money when UPS reassessed my package sizes and some ended up with an oversize bill - so I have been measuring them with an extra inch in each of 2 dimensions to be safe with a quote. Shipping a large complete frame is a different animal than a small square box. I've also figured out how to reduce the size of some of my stock boxes to stay under the overage penalty. It's still not free to send a big box cross country though. 

How do you pack these anyway? 

Better than I used to. I will admit the first few shipping rounds had some problems, and I discovered quickly that I need to go overboard on packing supply. I hate the concept of buying new styrofoam, so I spend a lot of time collecting and repurposing styrofoam already out there in my community. After several issues with how the Band's Gambit was packed and shipped, I ended up remaking a few broken frames, so I finally ordered a garage full of packing peanuts. They are not styrofoam however. They are an all natural cornstarch based product, dissolvable in water - throw them in compost if you have a pile. Your package will likely arrive with a blend of recut styrofoam and starch peanuts. 

If I order more than one frame can I combine shipping to save money? 

Yes! - Several of my first customers have been multi-frame purchasers. I have various sizes of boxes, and have been able to send two frames together safely. As I handle every order personally, (there is no automation in my system - small one man shop you know) I will get all the info from you and provide a final invoice with shipping together. I have now done enough shipping to ballpark estimate the size and weight of a box and give a good quote before it's completely packed. 

When will you ship my frame? 

It depends on demand and my available time, but I won't take money until I have a reasonable expectation of a ship date. 

I've been figuring out the pre-order/order/production process as I go. This frame business launched like a rocket overnight in January 2021, and in 3 months I barely had a free moment out of the shop. I set some ambitious time goals for a lot of work at once, and it caused issues for my mental health, as well as some quality control issues. So I am now finding a sustainable groove whereby I can produce as many as are demanded, but also not go nuts. When you fill in a preorder, I will email that I got the info and estimate a week I might be working on your frame. Once I know I have the materials and time to do it then, I will confirm your details and send an invoice. I get some work done during the week, but I have found that rushing for a Friday ship date has been the source of stress and mistakes. I typically finish the batches over a weekend, and ship the next Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes final shipping is held up by my outsourced materials like plexiglass and mats, but you will always get regular updates from me. I know the frustration of radio silence when you've paid money for something. I strive to go above and beyond, and my early customers will attest to that. 

Can I pick up and avoid shipping? 

If anyone is close enough to Sunbury PA to meet for in person delivery, that would be awesome. I'd love to meet customers in person.

I won't even charge a will-call fee like the Uline warehouse does. :) 

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