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Framing FAQ

Does the frame include a mat? 

That depends on the design chosen. The first design I released for sale is the Beacon Blonde. People have very different tastes in how to present that one, with its many colors. So the base price does not include a mat. I can get mats cut as an add on, let me know color/colors. I have found the dark blue with  orange interior is popular for the Divided Sky digital variant 11x17. A double mat for that size is $50 through me. Single color is $25. 

Other current designs (Band's Gambit, Archival Relief and Inspired by Alex) are priced to include everything but the print.  

What about glazing? 

I am not interested in shipping actual glass, but I am offering archival quality plexiglass made under the Acrylite brand name. I am now stocking OP-3 which is the highest level of UV protection. I also have some remaining stock of Acrylite P-99 which is 85% UV blocking, but does include a nonglare treatment. It's called gallery quality. There is a product that offers both those features, but my supplier can only get it for me by the skidload, and I don't have the 10k to invest in that much. I buy OP3 2-3 sheets at a time to be cut just for my designs. 

Like matting, the glazing is an add on option for the Beacon Blonde. For other designs released so far, it is included in the price. Default will usually be OP-3 but if nonglare is more important to you than maximum UV protection, ask about P-99 availability. 

If I get a full setup from you with glazing and matting, how do I finish assembly? 

I include acid free backer board and  a set of photo corners when you get a mat and glazing. I'm no framing expert, I'm mostly a woodworker trying to learn from the best practices. What you can do with the setup I provide is line up your mat. print, and backer board. Then attach the corners to the foam board. Slide the print into these corners to keep it in the right spot. Sandwich everything together and the pressure fit from the back points (tabs) should hold it all together. If you want to follow absolute best archival practices, consult a local framing shop. 

What if I like the print unmatted? 

For Beacon Blonde frames I do make them in any size, including a fit for  non-matted frames. It is advised to use spacers when not using a mat. This keeps the print from touching the glazing itself. This is especially a concern with modern silkscreen prints. I have some spacer material and can add it in for a small fee. I don't attach it myself because the glazing you will have will be shipped with protective film on both sides.  

What do the mounting hardware choices mean?

A keyhole slot is cut into the frame itself and is a quick a and easy way to put a frame on a wall with a single nail or screw.

Sawtooth hangers are small hardware that are screwed into the back of your frame that sit on top of nails or screws in the wall.  

If you're planning to use eyescrews and wire or any other mounting method, choose plain back.  

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