Dinner and a Frame

Type One Jam

"Archival Relief"

Made for DAAM

Type Two Jam

"Band's Gambit"

Made for DAAR

It is my pleasure to release these designs that have been developed in partnership with long time friend and professional designer Matt Kator. You will see a lot of MJK and Wood Weaver collaborations in the near future. 

Let's really play with this "Dinner and a ......" concept.

The production of these frames is a bit atypical, so we can include a bonus cutting board for your kitchen as part of the package. The area where the print and mat go will be cut away and

finished separately as a food safe cutting board!

Price includes everything but the print 

Each Edition Features

  • Solid Maple and Walnut Hardwoods 

  • Custom Cut Black Mat

  • Acrylite P-99 Archival Plexiglass

  • Acid free backing board

Archival Relief Features
  • Recessed maple "sprocket holes" to add depth and texture
  • Custom cut rounded mat corners to match film cell design
solid walnut cutting board 
Band's Gambit Features
  • Individually patterned "drunken chessboard" style creates a truly bespoke piece of art. No two will be exactly alike.
  • Waved edge profile completes the visual effect against wall
  • drunken chessboard cutting board (straight edges)
Archival Relief $250 + shipping
Band's Gambit $275 + shipping
Pair $500 + shipping 
prints not included
Taking preorder information now. 
Will not invoice until real world prototypes have been posted.
Frames made one at a time, sent in order of received pre-order form.
Expected to start shipping Feb 26
Preorder Dinner and a Frame
Mounting Preparation