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Pin & Char-cooo-terie Boards

Cork boards for your Pigeon related pins
And as a bonus.... A food-safe Char-cooo-terie board to match!



Pin Board only - $75 + Shipping

Char-cooo-terie only $50 + Shipping

2 Board set  $100 + Shipping

Nested pin board pair $100 + Shipping

Estimated Turnaround under 1 Week

2 Board set cut together from same species wood

Pin Board

  • Hardwood border with shellac finish

  • Thick cork-on-foam board for strong pin holding

  • Backside Sawtooth mounts for easy wall mounting

Char-cooo-terie Board

  • food safe mineral oil finish

  • perfect for formal occasions like Domefest

Wood Choices

The example shown is my own. The catalpa wood is very striking with lots of expressive patterns in the grain. However it is not a great cutting board option, since it has very porous grain. It still works great as a serving tray. If intended as a cutting board, cherry is a better choice. It still has a lot of character, and is a classic cutting board wood. Maple and walnut are each available at an upcharge. OR if you want to go full Pigeon-crazy, I can do a set from Leopardwood (see the Fine Feathered Frame) but it could be stupid expensive, subject to material availability. 

To preorder, fill out form below. An invoice will only be sent for payment after your options and shipping information are confirmed. 

My own PPPP collection. 

I'm new, OK? :)

Pigeon Boards

Thank you for your interest - a follow up email will come soon

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